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Do it yourself scavenger hunt

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Scavenger hunt ideas: the perfect riddles, questions, and tasks for your scavenger hunt!

You want to create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt yourself, but lack the right ideas? With our tips for scavenger hunt riddles, scavenger hunt tasks, and scavenger hunt questions, you will soon be inspiring friends and family with unforgettable city adventures! Our guide contains hints to help you adapt the scavenger hunt tasks to the participants' interests, find the right level of difficulty, and include the city rally area perfectly!

Organise a scavenger hunt:
The Do-It-Yourself scavenger hunt!

You've already come up with the perfect ideas for a scavenger hunt, but you're still struggling with the logistics? That’s understandable - after all, a scavenger hunt requires a great deal of planning, organisation, and preparation. Our guide on "Organising a scavenger hunt" deals with the typical pitfalls of a self-made scavenger hunt and explains step by step how to make it a success.

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The scavenger hunt area: forest, city, or at home?

Are you planning a scavenger hunt but are still undecided about the scavenger hunt area? We present the different options and tell you what to look out for in each scavenger hunt variant. Whether you opt for an urban rally in the city, a scavenger hunt in the forest, or a treasure hunt indoors, each option comes with advantages and disadvantages. If you take these into account, you will be a lot closer to a successful scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunt for children or adults?

The age of the participants is crucial for the design of a scavenger hunt! A treasure hunt at a children's birthday party must, of course, be much easier to solve than a city rally for adults. The interests of the two target groups are also very different. Besides, other priorities have to be set in terms of playing dynamics and safety. With our scavenger hunt ideas for children and adults, you are guaranteed to succeed in creating the right scavenger hunt or treasure hunt!

Scavenger hunt & treasure hunt at a birthday party

Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts are the absolute classics at every children's birthday party. And also birthdays of friends, colleagues or family members can benefit enormously from a scavenger hunt! But planning and carrying out such a treasure hunt is much harder than you think. We have formulated a series of tips to plan a scavenger hunt for the next birthday party! Our guide includes advice on the tasks, the city rally area as well as the planning. Equipped with fresh scavenger hunt ideas, your next birthday celebration will be a complete success!

Stag and hen party ideas: How to make the hen or stag party a success!

Stag parties are great fun for everyone involved! However, as the organiser of a stag party or hen party, you must not forget that the carefree farewell to your bachelor status must be carefully prepared: The right stag party and hen party ideas have to be developed, and the participants’ schedules have to be coordinated. Hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities have to be booked. And despite the complicated planning, you shouldn´t neglect the fun. We have put together a collection of stag party ideas and hen party ideas for you. With these bachelor party tips, it should be much easier for you to find the right activities and not lose sight of the overview when planning! Our hint: Why not combine the stag/hen party with an action-packed scavenger hunt!

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Free scavenger hunts: These options are available

You fancy a scavenger hunt with friends, family, or as part of a bachelor party but don't want to spend too much money? Free scavenger hunts are difficult to find, but they are possible! We have put together a range of free and (almost) free scavenger hunts that are sure to fit your budget!

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Scavenger Hunts

How about a scavenger hunt in London, a treasure hunt in Manchester or an Escape Game in Birmingham? With scavenger hunts from myCityHunt you will discover the most interesting cities of Great Britain in a new, innovative and entertaining way. Simply click on a city marker on the map to the left to learn more about our mobile scavenger hunts, treasure hunts and escape games at the chosen location.

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What does a scavenger hunt cost?

With a self-organised scavenger hunt, the only costs are for the material. Scavenger hunt apps vary significantly in price as well as quality. The GPS treasure hunt from myCityHunt costs £ 11,99 per person and can be played in most European cities. Scavenger hunts that use tablet PCs are at the upper end of the price range. Such a scavenger hunt usually costs at least £ 30 per participant.

How do I organise a scavenger hunt myself?

It is not that difficult to organise a scavenger hunt. The route would be the first thing to consider. The tasks and clues should suit the participants. Before you start, it's best to walk the path yourself - better safe than sorry!

How does a scavenger hunt for children work?

A scavenger hunt for children is the highlight of every children's birthday party! The children receive clues such as small riddles or directions. They approach the destination step by step. Here, a treasure awaits them. This “treasure” usually consists of sweets or little toys.

Where can you do a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts can take place almost anywhere. A scavenger hunt in the forest is particularly popular. Such a scavenger hunt focuses on nature. A treasure hunt in the city can focus on churches, castles, and palaces of the respective city. And scavenger hunts in houses or gardens are also very popular!

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