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Scavenger Hunt Bergamo

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Scavenger Hunt Bergamo

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The alpine city of Bergamo is located in northern Italy, in the Lombardy region. Due to its romantic location in the foothills of the alps, the city is divided into two levels: the "Città Alta" (upper city), which is the charming, medieval core of the town, and the "Città Bassa" (lower city), the modern centre of Bergamo. Surrounded by 16th-century walls and impressive stone gates, the upper town is a marvel to behold, even from afar. Since this part of town does not allow cars, you will be free to roam the mysterious cobbled streets and pursue the exciting quests and challenges of our Scavenger Hunt. 

Discover the culture of Bergamo

Ancient buildings, steep, narrow alleyways, and beautiful facades in the upper city magnificently hint at the 350 year-long reigns of the Venetians over Bergamo. But over time, there were many other reigning powers, such as the Romans, Lombards, Gauls, and the Austrians. All these different cultures left their specific marks in the city for you to explore with our myCityHunt Scavenger Hunt in Bergamo. 

A playful city discovery

The Piazza Vecchia, the main square of the Bergamo old town, is home to splendid beauty and cultural riches of unimaginable values. You can sit at one of the cafes and enjoy the view of several historical sites. For instance, there is the "Palazzo della Ragione", the oldest municipal seat in Lombardy or the "Torre Civica", an ancient bell tower. The "Palazzo Nuovo" is worth visiting for culture lovers as it hosts a library with old scrolls and precious books. Our Scavenger Hunt will set you out on interactive quests, allowing you to discover this baffling city playfully. 

The scavenger hunt in Bergamo - a playful urban adventure

Our scavenger hunt in Bergamo will not only show you the architectonic and scenic highlights of Bergamo, but it will also convey interesting facts about Bergamo's unique local culture. Did you know Bergamo's local pasta, "casoncelli alla bergamasca", or the fact that pope John XXI was born in this great town? Come to Bergamo and experience an urban adventure at the myCityHunt scavenger hunt through Bergamo!


Suitable for kids

You will discover these and other sights during the tour:

  • Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Cinta Muraria di Bergamo
  • Donizetti Museum
  • Castello di San Vigilio
  • Campanone
  • Bergamo Cathedral
  • Accademia Carrara Museum
  • Tempietto di Santa Croce
Start/Finish Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe
 Duration approx. 3 hrs.
 Route ca. 4.2 mi
 Language Language
 Suitable > 8 years
 Date every day
 Price p.P. £ 11.99 incl. VAT

Tickets for Bergamo available from 03.08.2024

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What happens during the tour?

Step by step you puzzle your way through the city
A video of our digital scavenger hunt - see myCityHunt in action!

Follow a myCityHunt scavenger hunt team on their tour through the city in our trailer and learn more about how a myCityHunt tour works.

Digital Scavenger Hunt  Bergamo
Find locations
Using GPS navigation, our easy-to-use app guides you to the sights of your tour.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Bergamo
Solve riddles
Once you have reached a location, we will present you with a tricky riddle.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Bergamo
Master challenges
During the tour we send challenges to the phones of all registered players.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Bergamo
Collect points
For each successfully mastered task and challenge, we reward you with points.

Guided Tours for Corporate Clients

Based on long-standing experience, we know the special requirements that arise when planning a team event in Bergamo. With the myCityHunt Teamevent in Bergamo we have therefore developed a package especially for corporate clients. This extends our well-proven tours with a number of advantages that make our scavenger hunts the perfect teambuilding event in Bergamo.

  • Support by myCityHunt guides via chat
  • Shared image gallery and highscore
  • Participation certificates with team photo & team name (as PDF)
  • Interconnection through team chat
  • Free rebooking (up to 7 days before the event)
  • Payment by credit card or PayPal
  • VAT invoice
Scavenger Hunt Bergamo

Scavenger Hunt Bergamo

Discover Bergamo at a smartphone scavenger hunt. Our interactive riddle tour through Bergamo offers both sightseeing and challenging riddles!

A myCityHunt scavenger hunt in Bergamo takes you to the most beautiful places in the city and introduces you to Bergamo with its 120.000 inhabitants in an entertaining way together with its historical, cultural and architectural highlights. At the different locations of the scavenger hunt you will solve tricky riddles. Determine the correct answer in order to collect points! In the course of the city rally you puzzle your way through Bergamo. On the way we will send you entertaining special tasks such as photo or action challenges via SMS, which require creativity and teamwork. Your city tour through Bergamo will delight everyone involved!

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🔒 How does the scavenger hunt in Bergamo work?

With myCityHunt, Bergamo becomes your playing field! All you need is a ticket code, and an internet-enabled mobile phone.

On the desired date, you will gather your team in the city center of Bergamo. Then the scavenger hunt starts: Your mobile phone guides you and your team to numerous places worth seeing in Bergamo. Once there, you answer tricky questions and solve riddles. You gain points by correctly solving these tasks.

But that's not all: All registered players will receive special tasks during the rally, such as photo assignments or quiz questions. The scavenger hunt will reward you with many great memories, which you can view in a picture gallery afterwards.

Along the tour, you can take a break for ice cream or drinks at any time! After about 3 hours, the high score list will provide information about your overall ranking.

More information about the course of our scavenger hunt in Bergamo can be found here:

What does a scavenger hunt in Bergamo cost?

The price for a myCityHunt scavenger hunt in Bergamo is £ 11.99 per person. In contrast to the price models of other providers, myCityHunt is charged per person. For example, the total price for two people is only £ 23.98, for five persons £ 59.95 and so on.

Tickets can be booked online in the ticket shop at

📆 Which dates does the scavenger hunt take place on?

The myCityHunt scavenger hunt in Bergamo can be played at any time! If you have a ticket, you can play on a day of your choice at any time within the validity of 6 months. Tickets for myCityHunt scavenger hunts in Bergamo can be booked in the online ticket shop at

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